A Short Story

I’d just left the office and boy was I tired. A chronic case of Monday blues plus a boss who’d been PMSing for the past fortnight kept my moods somewhere in the polar temperature zone. In just two months of employment I’d evolved into the dreaded three handbag carrying women…(could I grow any older?!)
Luggage in hand, I walked to the bus station,founately just a few blocks from my office building. It was a typical chilly night, but the absence
of a breeze was truly heaven sent. The streets had the usual 7pm crowd : mostly my peers headed home as well.
One thing that always fascinated me was the diversity in the fashion sense of the urban crowd. (Embarrassingly, one of my idle pleasures is starting at strangers and critiquing their dressing …cringe) So,I stood there waiting for the next bus. As if it heard my silent prayer, there pulled up the purple ‘City Express ‘ …. sigh of relief. There were a significant number of commuters ahead of me (and,oh how I hate scrambling for public transport …so undignified!) When I eventually boarded, I spotted a space, in the middle of a three seater. It was near the front so I set my mind on getting there as quickly as possible. The guy seated at the end looked quite scruffy, the kind you’d avoid sitting with unless of course you’re in a desperate situation like mine.I signalled to him that I’d like to sit, and he said “si hapa”(not here). I mentally rolled my eyes and moved to the back seat. What was his problem?? For the rest of the bus ride, I was throwing daggers at him in my mind, like in that episode of Tom and Jerry where they are on a roof top. Anyway, as we made our way out of the CBD, the guy began acting up. The lady seated next to him moved to a vacant seat after the occupant got off. He then proceeded to stand up at every stage thereafter, as if to alight, only to faithfully return to his seat. He kept murmuring to himself. At one point, the bus had come to a stop because of a traffic jam,and he shouted at the driver “haraka! Tumechelewa bwana” (Go quickly! We are late ) He was clearly drunk.
I silently rejoiced as I didn’t have to sit with him earlier. Someone was clearly looking out for me. At last,we arrived at the final stage. I got off,glad to be home. The drunk guy was now walking around making strange motions and gestures (I’ve heard of air bands and air guitar, but air loo….???) I walked beside the lady who was seated next to him earlier. She turned to look at him and just laughed.

*Thank you random strangers for entertaining*
*me on my bus ride home*

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