Humble Inspiration

The afternoon sun was blazing hot,as I sat in a matatu,late for my next appointment. The timing and the temperature were clearly ganging up against me…but perseverance would prevail. Traffic was crawling at a snail’s pace, so,all I could do was stare out the window and observe the passer-by. Then I saw her.
Her simple dressing was a clear indication of her social status. The blend of natural earth colours truly brought out her ethnic charm. From her height, dark skin and slender frame, I could tell she was Sudanese. She looked like she was in her late twenties. In her hand,she held a book entitled ‘Grammar & Composition’. That struck me and she immediately occupied my mind for the rest of the day. (Cue background music Donna Summer’s 1980’s classic ‘She Works Hard For The Money’)
You see,Kenya has a large population of Sudanese due to the unrest in their country. I can only imagine how starting over life in a foreign land must be. Different culture, different laws, different people ..just different. For her, getting started meant simply learning the English language. (& we all know how difficult it is learning a new language is especially outside the bounds of childhood )
It got me thinking. What am I doing to stretch myself? What am I doing to make me better?
How about you?

*God bless you,unknown Sudanese lady*

12 Responses to “Humble Inspiration”

  1. faceblogger Says:

    well am definitely going to stretch!!!!!go Mo iluv the English its….catchy and edgy(its like am describing fashion) nway cheers!!!!

  2. Well I’m back in school and not out of anyones will but my own.

  3. This anecdote got me thinking about my own experiences similar to this one. One time I was waiting for the bus and I saw an a woman she was in her late 60’s as she told me, she was on her way to a local college to practice her English, and was studying to be a surgeon’s assistant. She had started a few months back, a grandmother, a mother, she said she had pushed her family and now it was time to push herself. I thought wow, shes one very inspiring woman right there just like your Sudanese lady =)

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