Emotion = Fuel

“Don’t go wasting your emotion. Lay all your love on me…” lyrics from ABBA’s single ‘Lay all your love on me’. The former sentence is my focus today (although we can’t entirely disregard the latter. 😉 )
Emotion is likened to fuel. Its sources may vary. Its availability, use and potency being equally as diverse. Its one of those common factors for all human beings. Those things that we know exist without being taught. We literally just feel it.
In times of joy, we bring happiness to those around us. In times of disappointment, we reflect and restrategize our course in life. In times of sorrow, we gather up strength for future trials. In times of anger, we take a stand for what we believe is right.
Make the most out of your emotion. Savour the moments. It’s one of God’s free gifts I truly treasure (sleep being numero uno!) There’s nothing as intimate to oneself as your own feelings.
Be free to share with the world what you really feel. We only get to see what’s on the outside, so, be sure to paint a true picture of what’s on the inside.

* Have a happy day*

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