Male, female … or gay? Which are you? Technically, the term gender is more psychological than physical. It’s influenced by society, culture and other external factors. This being a fairly wide topic, I’ll go gender by gender.
Male : Men and boys. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. I appreciate everyone’s role in society, so, I’m sure we can squeeze you guys in somewhere. We attribute physical strength to this gender. They are seen as reliable. They have something that apparently all women need but are too proud to admit (myself included).They are a solid wall, a mystery to the opposite gender, as they are not too prone to letting their innermost thoughts known. They are providers. They are the ones who get that can from the upper shelf and investigate that sound you heard in the middle of the night. They are the ones who the fairer gender turn to in the midst of an emotional storm, to clear the air and make things sensible again. They are ideally supposed to be natural leaders, in some aspect of their lives. But, there is that side of them that they only let a chosen few in the world see … may haps just that chosen one.
Female : The fairer gender. Universal symbol of all things soft and delicate. Meant to be cared for, provided for and just held (once in a while). Takes up different roles, yet transits between each in an instant : caregiver, mother, wife, lover, friend. Emotion does play a big role in their lives. Sometimes it is so strong … it blinds them from everything else. Sometimes it is not even there. (Hence the occasional “I can’t explain how I feel”) They are able to communicate in a language only they can fathom. (Chick English. C’mon guys, admit it! There are times the ladies began a conversation and you were clueless of its details from start to end). They are beautiful, have amazing inner strength and fortitude, and are capable of going to unbelievable lengths for those they love.
And then there were gays…sensitive issue this one. I’m a fairly practical person, so, in my head, I think you are what you are… female if in a female body and vice versa. But this group of individuals has clearly disregarded that statement. No one is absolutely certain as to the cause of this phenomenon, but it is there and has been from the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. We have to accept its existence. But, they are people too, so, should be treated right. Those who are gay, be considerate of those who aren’t comfortable with it, particularly in conservative areas. This crap for be yourself and do not care what the world says will land you in the after life with a charred petrol stained tyre necklace.
Wherever you fit in, enjoy it. I mean, you won’t be anything else (I think).

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