A lesson in altruism

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Altruism is a concern for the welfare of others. It is the opposite of selfishness.

Read about showing love to those closest to us in the link below.


Read it. Live it. Share it.

God Bless.




How powerful is God?

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Since Biblical times, it “appears” God has “significantly decreased” His one-on-one interactions with humanity. We do not seem to see the feats reported in the Holy Bible: the parting waters, God’s finger writing on walls, or God speaking through a cloud of lightning and thunder. We do not hear as often as it was in the Bible times of one of His great miracles. It gives the false implication of a “decrease” in His power; makes it seem as though he’s on a hiatus from humanity. Let us revisit one of those Biblical scenarios.

At the beginning of the book of Deuteronomy, we find the Israelites mid-journey. They were a desert-wandering nation. God took them out of slavery in Egypt and was leading them to the promised land (Caanan). The journey was literally no walk in the park. They complained several times: no food, no water, these people want to kill us, and this really ticked God off. He therefore decided to entirely eliminate this stubborn generation and only then would He allow them to enter the promised land.

They proceeded to do another 38-year long lap round the desert. When, at last, they were to enter the promised land, they had another obstacle before them. It wasn’t fertile virgin land remaining untouched for them to stroll in and settle down, but was occupied by other tribes. One example is the land of Bashan: it had 60 cities, was secured with sky-high walls and a well-equipped army. Apparently, the Israelites would have to fight for their inheritance.

Keep in mind that they were from a nomadic lifestyle. They were to battle established and well-trained armies. The thought of it is quite suicidal. But they had the greatest weapon in their arsenal: Almighty God Himself. He told them through Moses, their leader, that “He Himself would fight for them”. And He did just that.

Think about it for a moment. A group of nomads come from nowhere and wipe out an entire nation. God gave them His word. No man could stand against them. No army. No foe. No power. Nothing could stop them.

And that God has not changed one bit. He is the same powerful God that changed the entire course of history. He is the same one who promised His beloved nation of Israel something, and they got it no matter how impossible it looked in the eyes of man.

What troubles do you have that He can’t conquer?

He wants to love you

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When you are moody and do not want to be around anyone, He wants your company.

When you feel alone, like no one cares for or loves you, He asks if the birds of the air never store food yet never go hungry, don’t you wonder how much more valuable you are?

When your speech is full of self-pity and negativity, He still wants to listen.

When all things you want are beyond your reach and you are tired of trying, He says seek my kingdom first, and I will add all these things.


When the mirror just shakes its head and says “you’re not going anywhere looking like that”, He reminds you that He made you in His glorious image.

When they all look better, stronger, more capable and you just don’t have it together, He tells you His plans are to prosper you.

When you are afraid, confused, overwhelmed, anxious, and do not know what to do, He says do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation present your requests to me, and my peace will guard your heart and mind.

Lastly, when you can’t see Him, can’t feel Him, don’t believe in Him, but need Him, He gently whispers, I will never leave you or forsake you.

Bless His Holy Name. 🙂

The Corinthians : My Take

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A couple of notes on both St. Paul’s letters to the Corinthian churches.

The books made me appreciate St. Paul all the more, and missionaries as a whole. It is a decision, and a big one at that, to give one’s whole life and being to the gospel. Everything about him was his mission. He had the members of the church on his mind and in his prayers always. He desired, with every fibre of his being, for them to grow in the faith. He gave his time and energy to ensure their growth. He toiled day and night, faced hunger, imprisonment, rejection by society and even death threats for the sake of the cause. He was constantly concerned about them. It is because of people like him, because of their sacrifice, dedication and deep devotion to missions that we even have the gospel today. Salute!
The books also made the Bible feel a bit more like something I could relate to. St. Paul speaks of the evils that bedevilled the young church (no pun intended), such as their division over their leaders and sexual immorality. These are very human traits that we can all relate to. He listened to and observed their shortcomings and guided them into a solution. He urged them to walk in the Spirit and to love one another as they grew in the faith.
And now, a sample of St. Paul’s greatest teachings found in these two books:

1 Generosity
(Ref. 2 Cor 8:15, 9:7,9)
St. Paul placed a lot of emphasis on giving, especially to the poor, for the sake of
equity in society. “The one who gathered much did not have too much, and the
one who gathered little did not have too little.” Just as important as giving, he
pointed out, is the condition of the heart while doing so. One ought to give
according to their own judgement, for the Lord loves a cheerful giver.

2 Love
(Ref. 1 Cor 13)
This well known chapter gives a description about what love is. It’s a pretty good
yardstick to test oneself with…
” Love is patient, love is kind….”
” Am I patient? Am I kind? ”
It also describes God’s personality, as He is love. (1 Jn 4:16)

3 God’s Grace
(Ref. 2 Cor 12:9)
A comforting scripture this one. St. Paul was speaking about boasting. To quote
his words, ” Even if I should choose to boast, I would not be a fool, because I
would be speaking the truth. But refrain, so no one will think more of me than is
warranted by what I do or say, or because of these surpassingly great
revelations.” 2 Cor 12: 6-7 (NIV)
He goes on to say, ” Therefore, in order to keep me from being conceited, I was
given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 3 times I
pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But He said to me, ” My grace is
sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will
boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest
in me.” 2 Cor 12:7-9 (NIV)
God’s assurance to all His children of His knowledge of our weaknesses, and His
power, ability and willingness to be our strength in those moments. Bless His Holy


” … if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it
as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand
the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. ”

Proverbs 2: 3-5 (NIV)

God bless!
Over & out.

The Checklist

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Things to be grateful for … (in no particular order)

* Live in a country with a stable, functioning government?

* Have a roof over your head?

* Friends who love you?

* Clothes on your back?

* Warm bed to sleep on each night?

* Clean (running or not) water?

* Food?

* (Working) Internet connection?

* That special someone?

* Good health?

* Family?

* Sane mind?

* Well functioning body?

* An education?

* A job?

* Peace?

* That one thing you’re looking forward to in the new year?

Some are basic needs, some a little on the side of luxury. But, that’s not what is important. Do appreciate what you have. It’s a start as you aspire to achieve more in the coming years.

Merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year 2012.

Ratio 1:1 ( well, something like that… )

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Greetings blogosphere! It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back and looking forward to new things.

Today’s post is dedicated to all writers out there: authors(published or not), fiction, non-fiction, bloggers … pretty much anyone who takes the time to write something out and share it with the world.

I ascribe to the theory that the general reader-writer ratio is 1:1. Disclaimer one : yes, it is my own theory. Disclaimer two : and yes, I am aware of the published works that have sold over a million copies, in twenty different languages and best sellers in 3 continents. (It’s a funny kind of maths)

You know that awesome feeling you get when you read something and it contributes directly toward something in your life? Well, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. A writer takes the risk of sharing their work, leaving it open to criticism, praise and analysis. They have no idea who their particular audience will be, as their works are released to the public and dispensed as indiscriminately as the air we breathe.(well, in most cases)

To the writers, it is that one (and more often than not more than one) reader who makes your work worthwhile. I know the process of transforming a blank screen or page into a literary success is quite taxing, but always have that reader in mind.

My deepest gratitude to all writers whose works I have read and have made me a better person or were good for a laugh. And the utmost respect to all writers worldwide.


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Male, female … or gay? Which are you? Technically, the term gender is more psychological than physical. It’s influenced by society, culture and other external factors. This being a fairly wide topic, I’ll go gender by gender.
Male : Men and boys. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. I appreciate everyone’s role in society, so, I’m sure we can squeeze you guys in somewhere. We attribute physical strength to this gender. They are seen as reliable. They have something that apparently all women need but are too proud to admit (myself included).They are a solid wall, a mystery to the opposite gender, as they are not too prone to letting their innermost thoughts known. They are providers. They are the ones who get that can from the upper shelf and investigate that sound you heard in the middle of the night. They are the ones who the fairer gender turn to in the midst of an emotional storm, to clear the air and make things sensible again. They are ideally supposed to be natural leaders, in some aspect of their lives. But, there is that side of them that they only let a chosen few in the world see … may haps just that chosen one.
Female : The fairer gender. Universal symbol of all things soft and delicate. Meant to be cared for, provided for and just held (once in a while). Takes up different roles, yet transits between each in an instant : caregiver, mother, wife, lover, friend. Emotion does play a big role in their lives. Sometimes it is so strong … it blinds them from everything else. Sometimes it is not even there. (Hence the occasional “I can’t explain how I feel”) They are able to communicate in a language only they can fathom. (Chick English. C’mon guys, admit it! There are times the ladies began a conversation and you were clueless of its details from start to end). They are beautiful, have amazing inner strength and fortitude, and are capable of going to unbelievable lengths for those they love.
And then there were gays…sensitive issue this one. I’m a fairly practical person, so, in my head, I think you are what you are… female if in a female body and vice versa. But this group of individuals has clearly disregarded that statement. No one is absolutely certain as to the cause of this phenomenon, but it is there and has been from the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. We have to accept its existence. But, they are people too, so, should be treated right. Those who are gay, be considerate of those who aren’t comfortable with it, particularly in conservative areas. This crap for be yourself and do not care what the world says will land you in the after life with a charred petrol stained tyre necklace.
Wherever you fit in, enjoy it. I mean, you won’t be anything else (I think).

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