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You will never have everything you want, perfectly.

You will never be everything you want, perfectly.

Please, do not frustrate yourself trying to be the jack of all trades.

Be grateful to God for everything you have & for who you are, now.

Strive to be who you want to be in Him. Work hard to meet your needs and those of your dependants.

Trust His infinite knowledge, power and perfect planning for that which is beyond you.

Have faith, He knows what He’s doing.


On those days that everything’s gone wrong, rant it all out to your Creator, and seek His strength, grace and favour. That’s His job.


The Checklist

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Things to be grateful for … (in no particular order)

* Live in a country with a stable, functioning government?

* Have a roof over your head?

* Friends who love you?

* Clothes on your back?

* Warm bed to sleep on each night?

* Clean (running or not) water?

* Food?

* (Working) Internet connection?

* That special someone?

* Good health?

* Family?

* Sane mind?

* Well functioning body?

* An education?

* A job?

* Peace?

* That one thing you’re looking forward to in the new year?

Some are basic needs, some a little on the side of luxury. But, that’s not what is important. Do appreciate what you have. It’s a start as you aspire to achieve more in the coming years.

Merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year 2012.

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